Southern California
Green Alternative Energy



Going solar has never been easier and the Syntrol Install team is here to guide you through, step-by-step. We’ll make the process simple and straightforward while handling all the details.

1. Get a free, no obligation solar design.
We used advanced software to design a system for your home using your electricity
usage data and satellite imagery. We do this with no cost and no obligation from you.

2. Digital Roof Top Customize Design
This is your chance to look at all of the solar program options that are available in your area.
You will learn about federal and state tax credits, financing options, and benefits of our
no-­cost options. This is the fun part where you get to see how much you can save by
switching to solar
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3. Speedy installation
We handle everything! From permits and paperwork to the installation, our expert team
prides itself on completing jobs efficiently, but without sacrificing the quality
workmanship you deserve.

4. PTO. Permission to Operate
After the installation, our inspectors and any applicable city or utility inspectors will
give permission to operate the system. Once approved, the switch to your solar is
activated and you start powering your home with solar!


*Prices based on system 280Wp solar modules installed on asphalt shingle roof in County permitting area with no additional costs like more than 3 additional arrays, main power upgrade, trenching, and cement work.  Estimated production on south-facing 20˚ sloped roof.  

Results vary depending on electricity consumption and other specific home characteristics. Each home requires a custom assessment site review and proposal.  Other terms. fees and conditions may apply.​​
If you generate more electricity than you use during a month, you will receive kWh energy credits for that month from your local utility company. You will have the option to receive payment or roll the value over to your next period.   The surplus energy can be used, for example, to offset non-energy related charges such as monthly fees, or city and county taxes.

Utility`````Add Solar`` (100% offset)``New Utility`````Solar Payment mo.`````First year savings     Year 5 Savings`````Year 20 savings